360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display

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Basic Info.

Interface Type
Remote Control
With Remote Control
55/65.75/85/100/110 Inch
Free Parts
Support This Service
Transport Package
Carton with Foam Sponge and Wooden Case
China of Guang Zhou
HS Code

Product Description

360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display
Product Parameters


Guangzhou Bems Electronics Co., Ltd.
Factory Add: 2/F, No. 19, Qiaoda Road, Pingshan 1st Village, Shibi Subdistrict, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Elevator advertising screen 
  Display Size                                                               75inch display
              Backlight type                                                                       led/lcd/d-led/e-led
Resolution                                                                       2k /1080*1920/4k
                  Brightness                                                                         250cd/m² --450cd/m                                                         
              Response time                                                                              4s-8s
                    Contrast                                                                   1900:2:19 0:01:00
                  Color gamut                                                                60% NTSC (CIE1931)
                Viewing angle                                                          89/89/89/89 (Min.)(CR≥10)
               System version                                                                             Android
               Runningstorage                                                                          1G RAM/2G/4G
                      ROM                                                                           8GB/16G/32G
                   interface                                                      WIFI,DC,USB,LAN,AUDIO,TF,HDMI IN
                 Service life                                                                             >50000H
   Shell material (Frame/Back shell)                                                                 Aluminum alloy/Sheet metal
                 Accessories                       user manual/power cable/warranty card/allen key+base screws/Touch pan
                                                                                                   Product function
1. The machine screen display function can customize the display of pictures, videos, text, time,
weather, countdown, subtitles, split screen and other contents;
2. Auto start control, advertising programs can be automatically played on the machine;
3. Timing switch function;
4. Playback mode: support cycle, timing, insert, split screen and partition playback;
5. Split screen playback, support full screen, split screen, split screen, etc., multiple use of one screen;
6. Support U disk to automatically import and play advertising programs;
7. E-LED screen: adopt brand new E-LED screen; High efficiency and energy saving; Full 4K 2160P screen with bright colors.
8. WiFi: The network version has a built-in high-performance SDIO interface WiFi module that supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n;
9. Network Ethernet port: 10/100M adaptive Ethernet;
10. Network version of Android network solution: Android network motherboard,
with a maximum dominant frequency of 1.6 GHz, 2GB storage, default standard 16GB EMMC NAND chip;
11. The network version can optionally support 4G/5G network
12. Online version of remote advertising, remote control of the switch machine,
one account solution to control multiple advertising machines, one-button publishing, etc;
13. Through the infrared remote control, you can set the logo, volume, split screen,
and switch on and off, saving the trouble of connecting the mouse
Product Description

360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display
360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display
360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display
360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display
360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display
360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display


hi,friends,this is guangzhou bems, 


All the machine with Tempered glass, hardware case
The screens are in full HD/4kresolution, Wheels can be added to make the machine move easily.
Vertical advertising digital signage is mainly used in the lobby hall,
exhibition hall.  Bus stations, airports, etc

You can use THE U disk to play/ through mobile phone/computer remote push release.
 It can be divided into multiple screens, do split screen playback. 
 There are also touch version, which are available for Android / Windows.

Packing:Pearl cotton + shock proof carton + wooden case
Conventional products are 3-7 days delivery, custom products, 15-20 days delivery.  
Delivery within 3-7 days after payment
Detailed Photos


360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display

Packaging & Shipping

carton + foam +wooden case 

360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display

Our Advantages


360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display

Company Profile


we can supply you : indoor/outdoor digital sign advertising screen,

all in one interactive touch kiosk, all kinds of customized styles,

also these materials , LCD screen, touch screen, touch frame, motherboard, power board, wire, etc.,

we have our own production line, own technology, own software solutions,also these materials , LCD screen, touch screen, 
touch frame, motherboard, power board, wire, etc.,good price.

We are professional, can be long-term cooperation, with R & D technology manufacturers
we have 13years factory history,pls check the information,wait for your offer 

thnak you 


360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display


360 Video Photo Booth Photo Booth with Display
After Sales Service

Warranty principle

1. If the purchased goods have performance faults that are not artificially damaged within the warranty period of one year, they can be guaranteed free of charge.

2. Free services during the warranty period include:

1) The mother board, power board, power adapter and other natural faults of the hardware

2) Accessories remote control, etc

3) CMS software system operation, WiFi failure, etc


The following conditions are not covered by the warranty and require paid services

1. Beyond the valid warranty period and scope

2. All artificial damage. Dismantle the machine by oneself, misuse the power supply,
 install the software used by the mismatched machine motherboard, etc.

3. Damage caused by failure to use and maintain according to the instructions for the use of goods

4. Damage caused by any force majeure

5. Damage caused by accidental or natural loss. Such as immersion in water, cracking and damage, wear and scratch, etc

6. Failure and damage caused by other non commodity design, manufacturing, quality and other problems

7. Damage, deformation, scratch and other appearance defects caused by personal installation and use after signing


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